Immersive Audio in Live Sound Production

AES is proud to work with #LPS2023 to bring you a complete look at Immersive Audio in live sound production in this 3-part hands-on training session.
We will begin with some basics of L‑ISA and Atmos. This will include file management, rendering import export, templates, starting your mix, binaural vs. Atmos, speaker placement, mix position and an intro to tuning your room — everything you need to know to get your production started.
The second session will be the meat and potatoes of immersive audio in a live production. This will start with a brief description of filtering and processing during rendering to understand how the steering works. Then on to Objects versus Beds, making “sound bits” with Objects, effects vs. placement, when to use reverb for stereo, when to use delay for reverb, translation of effects, effects in Atmos vs. effects in stereo, and placement and delay vs. reverb.
For the final session we will cover preparing content and final preparation to take your production on the road. This will cover making your mix translate, mastering the mastering algorithm, hardware considerations for mastering and play out on the road, setting up your system and tuning the room, and binaural and the air between for in ear presentations.

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