The Crew Revue Live Production Video Resumes


LPS is starting the Crew Revue. A service to the industry, the LPS Crew Revue is a place where workers and employers, alike, can engage and make connections. Complimentary, the Crew Revue is launching with the 2021 Live Production Summit. The most pivotal time our industry has seen, the LPS Crew Revue is where you may upload a brief video resume for viewing by the industry and potential employers. Tell your story. Share your experience. Let’s strengthen our future TOGETHER! We’re accepting resumes now — upload yours today!


  • Be brief. Limit your videos to 20-30 seconds (about 30mb). Longer videos will not be included.
  • Horizontal videos look much nicer on this website!
  • Add a call-to-action. For example, tell your viewers how to find your LinkedIn profile or include it in your short bio.
  • These videos will be visible to all visitors of this website, so please consider what information you wish to share.
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